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What is SpyHunter 4 and How Does it Work?

Malware developers are tireless in their efforts to become undetectable to current anti-spyware and -virus programs, which is why the SpyHunter team is working even harder with the most advanced technology to stay one step ahead of the internet’s most current malware threats.

SpyHunter4 is a renowned, West Coast Labs Checkmark-Certified application providing real-time protection for the average computer user against the most powerful malicious threats on the web. The user-friendly software is preconfigured to require minimal interaction from subscribers – once you’ve installed it, your powerful protection is both immediate and ongoing. Moreover, SpyHunter features can be further customized to meet your specific needs, and all subscribers have free access to world-class technical support from “the Spyware HelpDesk” for tailored fixes suited to their own PCs.

The Spyware HelpDesk is interactive, and it allows technicians from the SpyHunter team to analyze your computer remotely if SpyHunter has not been able to effectively remove malware automatically. These technicians will customize and deliver a tailored malware fix that addresses your computer’s specific problems. You won’t have to follow a troubleshooting template – you’ll be assisted by real experts in real time.

SpyHunter4 has been designed with the capacity to detect and remove rootkits, by which rogue anti-spyware and other trojans can be installed when they slide past your security software undetected.

Rootkits have been designed to sneak their way past your security software using hidden and encrypted folders and files, but the SpyHunter team is proud to announce that SpyHunter4 now features advanced rootkit detection. With this advanced technology, instant rootkit scans can be executed by the program, which will alert you right away if a rootkit is detected. All that SpyHunter will require to remove it completely and restore your PC’s safety is a quick reboot.
Rootkits also utilize files that load and run with Windows, making regeneration a possibility upon rebooting. During this removal reboot, SpyHunter’s new Compact OS will be used to boot your system without Windows in order to prevent this from happening while the rootkit is completely removed from your device.

SpyHunter represents all of the tireless commitment of the Enigma Software Group to apply the most advanced technology available toward providing powerful protection to millions of PCs around the world. ESG is at the forefront of web privacy and anti-malware security, and when you join the global family of users that have entrusted their PC safety to SpyHunter, you’ll be one step ahead of every security threat that comes your way.

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